Yamaha YAS-203 Sound Bar - Limited Quantities

Sophisticated design characterised by an elegant, smoothly curved form. Bluetooth® wireless music streaming compatibility and a dedicated smartphone app for convenient control. Unique bass extension processing technology for an immersive, detailed sound that fills the room.

  • Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer delivers superior surround sound from TV and BDs
  • - Advanced Bass Extension Processing delivers a surprising abundance of bass sound
  • - Large volume cabinet reproduces TV sound with high sound quality
  • Soundbar produces expansive and clear surround sound
  • Wireless Subwoofer with A-YST II reproduces deep bass with clarity and power
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming from smartphone/tablet
  • HOME THEATER CONTROLLER App for easy touch-and-select operation
  • - Basic function control, such as volume updown, input selection and setting mode selection
  • - App surround modes provide more choices than remote unit
  • - App supports Movie, Music, Game, Sports, TV program
    • IR Flasher for TV remote signal transmission
    • Elegant and stylish design featuring a combination of high gloss and textured finishes
    • Slim, low-profile soundbar design allows positioning in front of a TV
    • Wireless Subwoofer allows flexible placement
      $369.99 $499.99

      AIR SURROUND XTREME Provides Spacious Home Theatre Experience

      AIR SURROUND XTREME is Yamaha’s unique virtual surround technology, delivering full, rich sound with a cohesive sense of surround placement. Enjoy immersive surround sound from all kinds of audio sources, from music to movies and sports.


      Soundbar Produces Expansive and Clear Surround Sound

      The soundbar houses a digital amp and two 5.5cm (2-1/8”) cone speakers with large magnets to ensure high sound clarity. Its superb structural design allows high capacity cabinet volume for very powerful and clear sound, even though the body is very slim. Yamaha’s original Advanced Bass Extension Processing delivers a surprising abundance of bass for the size, so you never feel the lack of strong bass sound.


      Wireless Subwoofer with A-YST II Reproduces Deep Bass with Clarity and Power

      This 16cm (6-1/2”) subwoofer features a large magnet and a front-firing configuration. Its high sound quality design takes advantage of Yamaha’s proprietary Advanced YST II and a Linear Port to produce deep and smooth bass. The circuit board has an ideal grounding pattern that ensures stable current supply for prodigious bass output. This subwoofer is capable of delivering powerful movie effect sounds and rich, deep bass.


      Clear Voice Makes Dialogue and Narrations Easy to Listen to

      Clear Voice raises the level of dialogue and narrations while maintaining overall sound quality. Movies and TV shows, sports commentary and news broadcasts are more clearly audible.


      UniVolume Maintains the Same Volume Level

      This welcome feature, made possible by Yamaha-developed technology, maintains a consistent volume level between different channels, or different network sources such as YouTube.. It can be switched on and off.

      HOME THEATER CONTROLLER App for Easy Operation

      The YAS-203 is compatible with a free app controller for iOS and Android. Its easy-to-see and easy-to-use operating screen uses icons to let you easily perform a variety of operations including setting surround programmes or sound quality while watching your smartphone or tablet screen.


      Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming from Your Smartphone or Tablet

      Enjoy music from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly, with the full surround sound experience of the YAS-203 And with support for aptX™ audio coding, Bluetooth performance is better than ever, delivering full audio bandwidth for sound quality the same as wired listening with both compressed and non-compressed sources. In addition, a Bluetooth standby mode provides the convenience of having the YAS-203 turn on and off automatically.

      IR Flasher for TV Remote Signal Transmission

      Sending the TV’s remote signal through the sound bar (TV Remote Repeater function) This function should be enabled when you place the sound bar in front of your TV and you cannot operate your TV with the TV’s remote control.

      Learning Function Allows Operation with the TV Remote Control

      The YAS-203 can “learn” the TV remote control signal, so you can use the TV remote control to turn the YAS-203 on and off, adjust its volume, and even control the mute function.

      Stylish Design Brings Both Elegance and Quality

      The elegant and sophisticated design is exemplified by the gently curved lines of the front panel. The top panel features a high-quality contrasting textured and gloss finish, highlighting the presence of the left and right cabinets. Bring elegance and quality to the space around your TV.


      Wireless Subwoofer Allows Flexible Placement


      The Wireless Subwoofer does not have to be connected to the Soundbar, so setup and placement are faster and easier. This is a convenient subwoofer that delivers powerful, high quality bass sound.

      Low Style Design Further Reduces Height, for Convenient Positioning in Front of a TV Set


      With a height of only 79mm (3-1/8"), the Soundbar can be easily positioned in front of a TV. If you would like the Soundbar to straddle the TV stand, you can attach the stand to the Soundbar.

      The Soundbar Can Also Be Mounted on a Wall


      If the TV is mounted on a wall, you can mount the Soundbar just below it for a neat, elegant appearance.





      Front Surround System

      General Drivers Front speaker system: 5.5 cm (2-1/8”) cone × 2, Subwoofer: 16 cm (6-1/2”) cone woofer
      Output Power 200W total power: 50W x 2 (6ohms, 1kHz, 10 % THD) + 100W subwoofer (5.5 ohms, 100Hz, 10 % THD)
      Power Consumption 26W (Front speaker system), 45W (Subwoofer)
      Standby Power Consumption 0.4W (Front speaker system)
      Subwoofer Bass-reflex (Advanced YST II with Linear Port)
      Dimensions (W x H x D) 886 X 79 (with stands;94) X 121 mm (Front speaker system), 290 x 292 x 316 mm (Subwoofer); 34-7/8" X 3-1/8" (with stands;3-5/8") X 4-3/4" mm (Front speaker system), 11-3/8" x 11-1/2" x 12-1/2" mm (Subwoofer)
      Weight 2.9 kg (Front speaker system), 8.1 kg (Subwoofer); 6.4 lbs. (Front speaker system), 17.9 lbs. (Subwoofer)
      Input / Output Digital Optical 1 in
      Digital Coaxial 1 in
      Analog Audio 1 in
      Sound Technology Surround Technology AIR SURROUND XTREME
      UniVolume Yes
      Clear Voice Yes
      Audio Formats Dolby Digital Yes
      Dolby Pro Logic II Yes
      DTS Yes
      Connectivity Wireless Music Streaming Yes (with Bluetooth)
      Bluetooth Version/Profile Ver. 2.1 + EDR / A2DP, SPP
      Wireless Subwoofer Yes
      Other Features App Control Yes
      TV Remote Repeater Yes
      Learnig Function

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