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Wet Sounds WS-420BT Marine Audio Multi Zone Equalizer with Integrated Bluetooth

WS-420BT Equalizer is a state of the art equalizer designed to provide amazing control and flexibility of your marine audio system. The WS-420BT is built off the award winning WS-420 platform that has set the world standard for marine audio system control.

- 3 Zone controller with 2 separate equalizers (tower zone and cabin zone)
- Master Volume
- Independent Bass Volume Control
- Integrated Bluetooth Connectivity
- Master Input & Auxiliary Input
- Talk Back Microphone for PA communications over the tower speakers
- Wet Sounds Exclusive Boat Link for linking to other systems
for party mode
- High Performance Japanese Operational Amplifiers typically used in recording studios electronics
- True Marine Build with conformal coated board


The WS-420BT is 3 Zone equalizer/controller with 2 separate equalizers and Built in Bluetooth in one half din chassis using our exclusive design which allows you to independently control the volume of tower speakers, in boat speakers and subwoofers all independently and have EQ adjustments of both in boat and tower speakers independently. The WS-420BT is the world’s only true marine audio zone controller/equalizer. The WS-420BT gives you ultimate control over your system. The
WS-420BT allows you to have any combination you wish. In boat speakers and subwoofer playing with no tower speakers, tower speakers and subwoofer playing with no in boats, all speakers playing, max volume from the tower and subwoofer with half volume from the in boats and many other configurations. The WS-420BT includes a talk back microphone for rider communication. The level of the talk back microphone is independent from your music level allowing you to adjust the volume for the PA function. The microphone feature only plays through the tower speakers. When the microphone is keyed up, the music is muted for announcements. After the key is released, the music will resume at previous level. The WS-420BT has a large knob master volume control giving you quick control for the overall system. You are able to set the other zones to whichever volume level you desire and have one knob for quick overall volume adjustment. There are two separate 4 band equalizers. The outer ring makes adjustments for the tower speakers and inner knob makes adjustments for the in boat speakers.


1. Main Volume: This is the Master Volume that controls the overall volume of all zones.

2. In Boat and Tower Zone Volume
: Adjusts the volume of the tower speakers (outside ring) and the volume of the in boat speakers (inside knob) You can set these levels to whichever volume you prefer and use the master volume for overall control.

3. Subwoofer Volume: Independent Subwoofer volume control.

4. Microphone: Independent Talk Back Microphone volume control.

5. Aux/Main Switch: Auxiliary input, main input or Bluetooth input selection switch.

6. Equalizer Adjustments: These 4 controls adjust the four separate frequencies (bass, mid bass, mid, high) Offering 12 dB of cut/boost. The outside ring adjusts the frequencies for the tower speakers while the inside ring adjusts the frequencies for the in boat speakers.

7. Auxiliary Input: 3.5 mm aux input jack for MP3 player or additional source.

8. Boat Link™ 3.5 mm aux output jack: For linking with other WS-420 equipped boats.

9. Microphone Input: Microphone input for Wet Sounds talk back microphone.

10: Input Gain:

11: Main Input Sensitivity Gain adjustment.

12: Auxiliary Input Sensitivity Gain adjustment. NOTE: If you are not an experienced audio installer, it is recommend to leave these adjustments in the pre set factory position.

13: Illumination: WS-420BT illumination comes pre set in blue illumination If you would like to change to red. Remove jumper and position to red.

14: Ground Isolation: Occasionally alternator whine may appear in your system if you source unit and amplifiers may have different grounds. You may use the isolation jumper to eliminate the noise. Please make sure unit is off when adjusting the jumper.


Boat Link

Illumination: Red or Blue Background Illumination

Talkback Microphone


Master Volume Control

Tower/Boat Control

Subwoofer Control

Input Selection

Conformal Coated PCB

Dual 4 Band Equalizer

3 Zone Control

Highest Grade Op Amps and Output Devices


  • Bass Equalizer Frequency 100 Hz 
  • Mid Bass Equalizer Frequency 300 Hz
  • Mid Equalizer Frequency 2 Khz
  • Hi Equalizer Frequency 15 Khz
  • Parametric Equalizer Range + 12 dB
  • S/N Ratio 80 dB REF 1V Input
  • Frequency Response 10 Hz - 40 Khz, -3dB 
  • Maximum Output Voltage 5V RMS 
  • T.H.D. 0.05% 
  • Input Impedance 20 K Ohms 
  • Stereo Separation 80 dB/1 Khz 
  • Operational Voltage 11 - 15V DC, Negative Gnd 
  • Dimensions: 8 1/16" in x 1 5/8 in

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