Wet Sounds HT 1 Class D Subwoofer Amplifier

Wet Sounds™ Hydro‐Tech™ Series Marine Amplifiers are designed to be a complete solution for every type of extreme marine application. The Hydro‐Tech amplifiers use superior performance circuitry by utilizing Class Power Supplies. These amplifiers have extreme power output packed inside a small chassis, thermal overload protection, flexible crossovers, optional elevated feet, extended inputs. Hydro‐Tech™ amplifiers are a well balanced match for all of the Wet Sounds™ products.


The HT-1 is a high powered marine 1 ch full class d  subwoofer amplifier. The HT-1 is great high power subwoofer amplifier with the ability to run a single woofer at 4 ohms or two (4 ohm) woofers at 2 ohms mono .  Low Pass  crossover with bass boost adjustment  and phase adjustment increase the flexibility.  The HT-1 has an optional remote line level control knob included in the package. This remote knob allows the user to adjust the output of the amplifier. This is not a boost or frequency sweep of any kind. This is an attenuating knob, simply put it is similar to a volume control for your subwoofer.. Removable power/ground and speaker wire plugs giving you easier installation for wiring up the amplifier in tight spaces.

Removeable Wire Plugs

Full Range Class D

Conformal Coated PCB

Completely Sealed Salt Water Compliant High Mass Heat Sink

Stainless Steel Hardware

Microprocessor Controlled

Thermal Overload & Short Protection

Wet Sounds Extensive Crossover Network 

Back Lit Logo Badge Horizontal or Vertical Placement

Removable Wiring and Control Covers

Accent Stripes for Customization 

Snap on Mounting Feet for Raised Mounting


  • RMS Power @ 4 ohm Stereo N/A
  • RMS Power @ 2 ohm Stereo N/A
  • RMS Power @ 4 ohm Mono 300 x 1 watts RMS
  • RMS Power @ 2 ohm Mono 600 x 1 watts RMS
  • Input Sensitivity Variable from 200mV to 5V
  • Frequency Response 20Hz-250kHz
  • Bass Boost 0db -18db
  • High-Pass Crossover Frequency N/A
  • Low-Pass Crossover Frequency 50Hz-250Hz 
  • THD @ 4ohm <.15
  • THD @ 2ohm <.15
  • Signal To Noise Ratio >95dBa 
  • Idle Current Rating 1.6A
  • Max Current Rating 50A 
  • Crossover Type Low Pass 
  • Turn on Delay 4S 
  • Operating Voltage 10V-16V

Download User's Manual