Viper SmartStart with GPS

You can add a Viper SmartStart module to any compatible Viper system to make your system SmartStart ready. This GPS module will also enable the SmartStart GPS location-based features.


  • SmartStart-ready
  • SmartStart GPS Enabled
  • Location/Speed Tracking
  • Keyless entry
  • Virtually unlimited range!

    $649.00 $729.00
    Includes installation for most vehicles.
    Additional charges may apply.

    Start and control your car with your smartphone

    Locate your car with your smartphone.

    Vehicle Location and Speed

    Press a button in the app and receive your vehicle's current location – plus it's speed if its moving.


    Create a secure fence around your vehicle and be alerted when your vehicle leaves the area.

    Speed Alert

    With Speed Alert, request one-time notification when your vehicle exceeds your specified setting.


    Add virtual zones at selected locations and be alerted if your vehicle enters them.

    Lockdown Alert

    Secure your vehicle with a Lockdown Alert and receive notification if your vehicle leaves that spot.


    Restricts the speed alert and movement settings to one programmable time frame.

    Social Media Check-In

    Tell your Facebook friends where you're parked. Because your car needs friends, too!




    Part weatherman, part mind reader.

    Viper SmartStart's new SmartSchedule is patent-pending technology that sends smart, behaviour-based reminders to you when it’s time to start your car. SmartSchedule triangulates scheduling, weather and location data to generate these predictive start reminders.

    SmartSchedule allows you to establish your commute time and temperature parameters – and the new cloud-based feature is very easy to set up. Enter your daily routine into the SmartSchedule section of the app (including what days you work and normal commute times) – and the app will take care of the rest.

    The app will continuously monitor the temperature, location and scheduling variables from the cloud. Viper SmartStart will ping you with alerts when appropriate.

    Vehicle Status

    Did you accidentally leave your door open? Is your trunk popped? The Status Updates feature on the Viper SmartStart app will let you know.

    The app offers real-time car status and unprecedented two-way connectivity. Not only can you locate your vehicle with GPS – but also know that it’s running, armed, locked, and much more!

    Whether out to dinner, relaxing at the beach, or sitting in the top-most upper deck at the ballgame, Viper SmartStart lets you keep tabs on your vehicle around the clock, no matter where you go – all from your smartphone with simple confirmation reporting.

    Viper Motor Club

    Locked out? Dead battery? Need a tow? Viper SmartStart's got your back. Free 24/7/365 roadside assistance now comes with Viper SmartStart. Customers in a bind can access the Viper Motor Club with just the push of a button in the Viper SmartStart app.

    Viper Motor Club is included with all SmartStart Secure service plans. That's a $79/year value included at no additional charge!

    Registration is simple - just enroll in the Viper Motor Club while purchasing a service plan.

    Parking Meter

    Too many parking tickets because you forgot to refill the parking meter? Need help remembering when it's time to put in more coins? Don't worry, the Viper SmartStart app will remember for you!

    Simply set the Parking Meter in the Viper SmartStart app when you fill the real life parking meter. The app will keep track of how much time you have remaining on your meter and will let you know when it's time to go refill.

    The Parking Meter feature will also show you a timestamp, and how long its been, since you last pressed the lock button in the app.


    SmartPark notes a vehicle's location every time you press the door lock button from the Car Control screen, or the Park My Car button from the SmartPark screen.

    To return to the stored location, you simply press the Find My Car button from the SmartPark screen and retrieve the location, accessing any additional accompanying photo or note reminder that the you may have stored. SmartPark shows a map with directions back to the car's location.

    While returning to your car, make use of SmartPark's SnakeEyes feature - just hold up your phone and a virtual view of your car keeps you pointed in the right direction.


     Lock / Arm yes
    Unlock / Disarm yes
    Remote Car Starter yes
    Trunk Release yes
    Panic yes
    Aux Channels Compatible yes
    Viper Motor Club yes
    SmartPark yes
    Car Location yes
    Car Speed yes
    Speed Alerts yes
    Lockdown Alerts yes
    Social Media Check-in yes
    SmartFence yes
    HotSpot yes
    Bluetooth Connectivity no
    Car Status yes
    SmartSchedule yes


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