Oracle Origine Turntable with cartridge -DISPLAY ONLY

The new Oracle Origine turntable

The new Oracle Audio Origine turntable was created with one goal in mind; answering the historical demand for an affordable, quality built and long-lasting record player from Oracle. The Origine was meant to be the entry point, at the origin of our product lineup, while maintaining the high standards of excellence that one learns to expect from an Oracle product!

$1,997.00 $2,599.00

With its outline shaped like the footprint of our flagship Delphi turntable, it’s feet system derived from our CD players and with the platter inherited from the Paris turntable, the Origine carries the signature of Oracle’s deisgn. It harbors a two-bushing spindle holder which is a direct descendant of the vintage Delphi’s main bearing, who are still functionning well today after 30+ years! The origine is equipped with a outboard synchronous AC motor that drive the platter using a belt around the its perimeter.

The Origine turntable comes equiped with a brand new Origine tonearm and with or without a supplied Ortophon 2m Blue phono cartridge. The Origine tonearm is a cleverly designed unipivot tonearm who’s pivot contact point was set on the same plane as the record contact point with the stylus and with the tracking force counterweight for added stability while tracking the grooves. Unipivot tonearms are known to be sensitive to the cartridge’s compliance and the Origine tonearm addresses the issue with an adjustable armtube weight to compensate the cartridge’s compliance, again for increased stability. The Origine tonearm is wired with Cardas phono wiring.

We are sincerly hoping that you are excited as we are about this new record player!