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MOON Bridges (Set of 4)

MOON Evolution

A unique and highly stylish component interface system created specifically for all your Evolution series components.

The MOON Bridge is a racking system that allows you to stack one Evolution Series component seamlessly on top of another. Bridges are simple, elegant devices that are carefully engineered with respect to the materials chosen, appearance and overall quality.

The MOON Bridge system is available in sets of four. The bridges themselves are manufactured in-house using our own CNC machines, milled to precisely 1/1000th of an inch. Only the highest grade of finishing aluminum is used, which is expensive but partly responsible for the excellent mechanical properties and 22,000 psi tensile strength. A special foam compound material, with an extremely high mechanical loss, interfaces each end of the bridge to the MOON Evolution component. 

A stack of MOON Evolution Series components with MOON Bridges between them act as a single, ultra-rigid monolithic structure which channels vibrations and resonances away from the audio circuitry, dissipating it effectively through the MOON Bridges. The sonic results are increased harmonic accuracy and transparency, far beyond any traditional shelf-based racking system. 

The MOON Bridge measures 1.5" (3.8cm) between the top and bottom surfaces and is available in either a silver (shown) or black brushed and anodized finish. The top and bottom accents are always finished in polished chrome.