Compustar RF1WG6AMCN 1-Way 2000ft Remote Starter

  • Heavy-duty & water-resistant remote casing
  • Includes two 1-way remotes, antenna & owner's manual
  • Drone Mobile™ compatible
  • Price includes installation cost (for most vehicles)
  • $529.00 $549.00
    Includes installation for most vehicles.
    Additional charges may apply.



    Up to 1000-Ft of Range

    Powered by Amplitude Modulation (AM). Send commands from up to 1000 feet awayp> 


    Remote Start

    Hold down the KEY button for 2.5 seconds to remotely start your engine to heat up/cool down your vehicle.


    Keyless Entry

    Press the LOCK or UNLOCK buttons to remotely lock and unlock your vehicle's doors from extended distance.


    Trunk Release

    Hold the TRUNK icon to pop your trunk or to activate your power lift gate.


    Manual-Transmission Compatible

    This remote start system can be safely installed onto a manual-transmission vehicle.


    Diesel-Engine Ready

    This remote starter can be safely installed onto a diesel-engine vehicle.


    Push-to-Start Ready

    Compustar remote starters are compatible with push-to-start vehicles.