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Compustar Prime 2-Way 705 3000 Ft. Remote Starter + Alarm with LCD Confirmation

A Great Introduction to 2-Way

When you're sitting in your office and you send a remote start or lock/unlock command to your vehicle, wouldn't it be nice to receive some confirmation from your vehicle? That's what Compustar's 2-way remotes with LCD confirmation provide!

The 2-WAY 704 Remote Start + Security System is Compustar's entry-level system with LCD confirmation. The 705 remote's 3000 feet of range give you plenty of distance to send commands from medium range! Also, if your Compustar system's door and shock sensors are triggered, you will receive an instant alert and notification on your 703 LCD remote.

Includes installation for most vehicles.
Additional charges may apply.




Remote Start:

Get a head start on the weather outside by remote starting your engine.

2-Way LCD Confirmation:

Get instant confirmation from your vehicle whenever you send a successful remote command.


Cold/Hot Automatic Start:

Set your vehicle to automatically start at a certain time or temperature.

Manual Transmission Compatible:

Compustar Remote Starters can be safely installed on most manual-transmission vehicles.


Diesel Engine Compatible:

Compustar Remote Starters will work on vehicles with diesel engines.

Turbo Timer:

Keep your engine running in idle to prevent premature turbo wear.


Lock / Arm:

Press the lock button to arm your security system and lock your doors.


Press the unlock button to access your vehicle and unlock your doors.



Pop your trunk by holding the Trunk Release button for 2.5 seconds.


Hold down the lock button for 2.5 seconds to trigger your Compustar Siren.

Shock Sensor:

Receive instant notifications on your LCD remote when your Compustar Security Sensors are triggered.


Automatically Arm/Lock your vehicle 30-seconds after you Unlock it.


Drive Lock:

Prevents your vehicle from being driven as long as the Compustar Security System is armed.

Auxiliary Mode:

Customize your Compustar remote starter to control features such as heated seats using Aux functions.

2nd Car Mode:

Switch between vehicles easily using one remote by switching into 2nd Car Mode.

Valet Mode:

Turn off security features/settings whenever you submit your vehicle for servicing or valet.


This Compustar remote features an internal clock and alarm.


Mute your remote and set your remote alerts to vibrate.

LCD Screen:

Check your vehicle's status and runtime via the remote LCD.

Remote Signal:

This icon on your LCD indicates that you are within range of your vehicle.