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Kim Bialkoski 

With Flora & Farmer, breakfast is all about turning that piece of toast into a piece of art you’d mourn after eating. I work with local organic and naturally grown ingredients to create original flavour profiles in our spreads and pickled preserves. I can assure you’ll find a flavour you’ll obsess over.





My business stemmed from my appetite for food and for knowledge of the craft. My love for the outdoors naturally led me into gardening, and then eventually pickling. It started as a hobby, the result of which I sold at farmers’ markets, and eventually it turned into a business. I source locally and organic wherever I can.

Our products combine fruit with the complimentary flavour profiles of herbs and spices, and sometimes alcohol, which are then reduced into luxurious, full-flavoured spreads. Wild blueberry basil, savoury fig, and whiskey & spice marmalade are just a few of our most charming combinations.





Our pickles are a different story. We try our best to come up with original pairings that become curiously delicious and addictive. Our seven current flavours include mojito gin pickles, chipotle asparagus spears, and Szechuan sesame beans, along with our award-winning fermented probiotic sauerkrauts, just to name a few. Pickles simply don’t stop at cucumbers and dill. 

As we like to say, we create the delightfully daring preserves your grandma never made, and you can find our growing product line at more than a dozen retailers in Winnipeg.



Photography: Pauline Boldt


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