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Helen Staines

Decadence Chocolates started with an attempt at making truffles one Christmas. They were intended as a gift, but I realized I really enjoyed the process of making chocolate. The results of my creations were very popular among family and friends, so I furthered my studies and learned all about the history of chocolate, the process of handling it, and the art of decorating it. Plenty of experimentation has gone into the range of chocolates we now offer in our shop, and I’m very proud of what we have made. 





The passion is in our product. We start with the best quality chocolate and carry this ambition through to our non-chocolate ingredients. While the chocolate itself is the soul, the filling is the heart, and we are careful to match these two elements to deliver the most delectable sweets to you. The most exciting part is the experimentation with different flavours and colours to create something special.


We recently started grinding our own chocolate directly from the bean, using Venezuelan beans, which we roast and grind, prior to aging and tempering it ourselves. We also welcome any custom orders, including the option to print directly on the chocolate with our edible ink printer.





In addition to our selection of chocolate bars, we provide a range of chocolate bon bons, toffee, chocolate-covered fruit and nuts, and plenty of seasonal products. We are always creating new chocolate flavours and indulging in the fine art of quality chocolate. Our open-plan kitchen allows you to see what’s going on as we create it. Come by to see – and smell – the chocolate-making process for yourself!


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